November 21, 2009

tyler and woops

yeah, i guess life kind of took over and ate away the last couple days that just passed :/ the last week of the marking period was quite hellish and i got b's and some a's. and a c- :/ it's quite weird. in math i think i've gotten a grade in every single letter. wohoo. *sarcasm* ah well i'll do better next marking period.

some photos of tyler from friday. first two have been edited, the rest are sooc. (straight out of the camera, for those who don't know ;D)

*the shoot was 13 minutes. beasssstt*

ZIMG_9352 copy BETTER
my only hope

there were more, but i've had a long day and i'm going to tackle that chemistry homework. more updates later this week :D

i also have very exiting news (for me at least) and i'll share it with you tomorrow. too much for one blog post!