November 25, 2009

hairsprays and headphones

i got some new headphones :) [ i suppose i won't say it again from now on, but all photos are unedited - as always ]

1 - they are cute and red. 2 - they are squishy and shut off the world. 3 - i have this odd philosophy that this might break slower then my earbud headphones. haha, i think you can see my dead purple headphone in the above photo XD

i've heard some raving reviews on the tresemme heat tamer spray, and i bought the hairspray as well. so far, all i know is that they smell really really good. i'll tell you guys my opinion on it later ;)
xIMG_9826 copy
^ my 365. a quick 5 minute edit before i head to bed. *my hair looks slightly poofier and wavy because i curled it in the morning. yeah, my hair is a curling fail.

my mom came home from a three week trip to taiwan today and brought back home and bunch of cute stuff and lots of vintage (to me) photos of her young days. (and her old high school journal i have yet to steal from her....and it's in chinese so i'll need several dictionaries...) i have lots of photos to share, including a whole bokeh post. XD i know you're excited.

happy early thanksgiving my lovelies!

ps - i can't stop listening to this song.