November 1, 2009

thirst for vision + a new start

after pondering for sometime, i decided that blogger is the best place for my photos and tidbits of life - and i'd reserve my tumblr for inspiration and reblogging. hopefully my fickle self won't change again! i'm excited to start a fresh.

my personal opinions on the blogs i thought i'd share:
livejournal - the best for writing. it offers a lot of freedom with layouts and graphic designs.
wordpress - i'd have to say the best interface and organization of all of these sites. wordpress is the best, but the layouts fall short (and the layout is important to me XD) if you're not a nut like me, use wordpress
blogger - not the best, but the most popular blogging site out of all of these. well rounded.
tumblr - cute and minimal, i love the tumblr community. it does not center on blogging - mostly reblogging and sharing photos. i still keep and use my tumblr cuz i love it.

some news; beth grace asked me to be a part of her new magazine, thirst for vision. i'm an editor extremely excited! before we get the magazine up and running: we're looking to make a team - so if your interested, drop us an email ( or a tweet. photographers, writers, talent scouts are all welcomed! tutorials, reviews, interviews, features are only a tip of the iceberg.

hm, some photos from yesterday's drive home. oh, how i love rain bokeh.