November 27, 2009

the weather outside is frightening

well no not really, just really really cold. plus after thanksgiving 106.7 suddenly plays nonstop christmas music ;)

it's so windy out today, i love it. but seriously, my fingers were numb after taking these photos. plus my stupid remote doesn't work past like 1 foot and it's really frustrating so i'm stuck with the timer again.

right now i'm at a family friend's place. (we don't come here often anymore) so it's kind of boring - but right now it's better. besides i have internet and my sister is playing kent with the other youngin's and the adults are singing karaoke. pity me. XD

pst, so some extras from today. shot in the little piece of space between my house and my neighbors. oh how i wish i lived in the countryside with endless fields.

rest are fresh off the camera, untouched by photoshop. :)

the sun from my backyard :)

dooooodles :) my mom bought my a bunch o' markers.

my natural hair, in case you were wondering. (i know you were)