December 6, 2009

star trek + stupid laptop! + i has money for a lomo?

still just as epic the second time. ps, i'm not a hard core trekkie (insert question mark, will possibly change) - i'm just in love with the newest movie. i have not seen any of the previous shows/comics/etc. so, don't eat me! just finished watching it again - god i love this movie. haven't seen it yet? WATCH IT.

okay guys, i am alive. and my excuse is real this time! my laptop tends to freeze up every 5 minutes - so it's impossible to get anything done. hopefully this entry will make it so i'll make it fast.

i DID take photos everyday for my 365, i just haven't uploaded them. plus i have a bunch of new blog posts to share with you guys - and since i'm slightly ocd i'm going to update them gradually over the course of this week but the date of their submission will be on the date i wanted to submit them. (ie, i wanted to submit a post about vintage photos on 11/30 but obviously i didn't. i'll post it later this week but will change the date to 11/30) it's kind or weird, but i dunno it makes me feel better. haha.

(well in reality i'm a disastrously messy person yet always a bit ocd. a conundrum - i know.)

oh yes - the reason my laptop isn't working, sigh. it's this HP laptop and i don't know, it has issues. i usually reformat (change it back to a date where it was previously working) every couple of months or so - once it starts to act up. and i was going to do it today, but my dad deleted the oh so vital recovery point. T-T fml. still figuring out a way to get it to work, so hopefully this will all be sorted out soon. (it better i have a research paper to type)

quick update/add on: with the money that i got from my birthday (money??? :O i'm still shocked) i have enough to get that lomo fisheye i've been drooling after for weeks! and i think i have enough for another film camera, but i'll keep it for a rainy day. so yes! i'm excited. the lomo fisheye no. 2. i've read a couple of reviews but i still want to give it a shot. confused? go to this minisite and check it out! i looove it. (click on the techniques page) this will be my first time working with film. :D (it's something i want to get into!)