March 3, 2010

natural beauty

last sunday i had a shoot with the beautiful alex but i didn't have any time to edit or upload them because of damn history work.

anyway, she's my classmate and i've always wanted to shoot with her but was too much a weeny to ask. but turns out she was happy to model for me :) she's such a sweet person and her beauty is natural, with minimal makeup.

it was such a shame that it was cloudy and mucky (can you believe it turned sunny AFTER the shoot? ridiculous) but we made plans for summer bokeh adventures with flowers and halos. ;) but it was still a good experience not working with sunlight and like my usual work! blah okay, on to the photos!

(the first one is my 365, but i'm not going to upload it onto flickr until i catch up on the rest ;) )
xIMG_0672 copy
xIMG_0813 bw copy
xIMG_0813 copy
xIMG_0775 copy
xIMG_0932 copy
xIMG_0703 copy
xIMG_0815 copy
xIMG_0835 copy
xIMG_0818 copy
xIMG_0935 copy
xIMG_0681 copy
xIMG_0897 copy

and here are some unedited out takes :)

xIMG_0900 copy
oh hai iz me!