March 7, 2010

opera - il barbiere di siviglia

we watched an opera in the lincoln center, ny earlier this week with the spanish classes. ;)

and i decided operas are not for me, i love plays and musicals but operas. *shudders* the same line over and over and over again. at the point my mind was melting and i was wondering what kind of cheese i had for teacher said "you need to take time to appreciate it." sorry, but i cannot bring myself to. it's just not me. like, i'll watch it but i won't love it as much as a play.

but some parts were bearable and made me chuckle, and it was fun nevertheless to hang out with friends - some photos from the point and shoot.

lol, i fail at taking photos. (failure of a teenage girl)

sorry claudia, this was too good.

beautiful theater. "m'am put your camera away" psh.

haha, i love to take unflattering photos.

translators! in german and spanish and english ;)

beautiful crystals! shame the point and shoot stinks. it rose as the opera started and descended when it was over :)

coolest gloves ever.

ew i look disgusting.