March 20, 2010

some updates

blahhhhh. i wish i could post all the new photos i've taken lately, i have them all edited i just have to upload my 365 first. i wish i had time during the week to upload them instead of all pushing it over to saturday. :/

what happened lately? tyler came over on monday finally, and we had a mini shoot and attempted makeup. an epic fail i might add. i HOPE to post them all tomorrow, i really like 'em.

friday was sophomore lock-in. for those who don't know it's when all the sophomores (10th graders) get locked into school for a night. we only have access to one section of the school, the gym and a few of the classrooms. haha, i didn't sleep one bit actually. i found it quite amusing that the majority of people still awake past 2/3 were all honors kids. yup, we're used to sleep deprivation. basically we played volleyball and games all night.

and get this, i took NO PHOTOS. omg, indeed. it's kind of nice sometimes not having to worry about pictures. XD got home at six AM and slept until 3. ;P had to get up to do stupid chinese homework.

so yeah, life is being stressful as usual and i'm trying to make time in the day to play soul silver ;)

i wish i lived somewhere beautiful and exciting, this place is so boring.

sorry for making you read that, i'll go now. sleep deprivation either makes you crazy/hyper - or utterly boring. leaving now. :P