March 13, 2010


i cannot wait to get a tattoo, i want one so badly. people see me and go rully, yew want tatu? yesssss.

this week has been exhausting, so i hope everything i type makes sense. zzzzz. fell asleep on the couch for about three hours after school and volunteering.

way back in the summer on day 16/365 i played around with a sparrow on my shoulder. i will not get one like this, but i thought it looked cool :D please excuse the poor photoshopping.

in retrospect sure, i'd love one near my shoulder, but i might do a small one on my wrist (easier to hide) or my arm. i don't know, haha. i'll leave this to when i'm in college.


and these photos are from november 365:
{108/365}dreamers of dreams
this one was just a doodle because chemistry was boooring.

yup so going for a simplistic, minimalistic, meaningful tattoo when i'm out of the house :D

and here are some inspiring tattoos i've found! the following are some that i'd want, and others i think that are just made out of awesome.


"My mother and I, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be able to express myself freely."

"Kyle Montoya @ Downtown Tattoo, Las Vegas NV.

The two butterflies represent my father and brother whom both passed away within these past two years. They are surrounding a cherry blossom branch, which in Asian culture signifies life; in that life is very fleeting and full of suffering, but ends all suffering. It’s a constant reminder for me to never take a day for granted. Cherry blossoms also represent a woman’s strength, beauty, and independence."

i wouldn't do this but it's basically the most BAMF hp tattoo ever.