May 9, 2010



color giveaway! the reason i'm not calling them actions, is that they aren't....hehe.

it's a group of around 6 color adjustment layers - so to use them you just click and drag them onto your image. you can play around with each layer's opacity to fit your taste.

IT WILL NOT FIT EVERY IMAGE. i created this initially for the paris photo, and added another photo for a test.

what it's good for:
- very blah images that can potentially have a lot of depth
- images with lots of shadows
- grayish images
- images that can take on a blue tone.

mouseover to see the edit.

ex. 1

ex. 2 (photo by wishinbubble)

interested in entering? simply comment below saying "pick me" and i'll randomly pick a winner and email you the colors. but one requirement, you have to be following this blog. but you don't? there is a another way, i'm also opening this to my deviantart watchers as well - so comment on this journal! i'm doing this on flickr as well, and if ye follow me on all three - then lucky you :P one winner will be picked from each!

hope you guys like this!