June 15, 2010

summer, summer

sorry for being MIA for the past month, school has been wrapping up and kicking us in the butt. but today was the last "actual" day of school in which we go to our classes and god it is a relief. i have four days of finals (two classes per day, for classes like lunch and gym you don't have to go) and then i'm done, done, done!

i will definitely miss my friends and i suppose my crazy teachers. this school year has been one of the most stressful years of my life. so much work (as you know from my complaining). i'm going to miss having claudia with me all the time this year (love you girl and i'm definitely going to be traumatized next year).

but on the flipside, i need a break from all of this. it'll be a dream to think of a world where you don't have to worry about school. it's kind of surreal to wake up in the morning (with a full night's sleep) and not have to worry about anything. no tests, no papers, no homework, no nothing. i can take pictures (not the crap photos i've had for the last 200 days of my 365) but real photos. i have a book full of ideas and i think it's molding. i'll have time to draw and beef up my skinny portfolio and fill it with stuff that matters. i am excited for this summer. time for me, my photos, and sleep. and to thaw out my brain and let it melt until september. in which i embark on my junior year! (eeeeeep) this will be the first summer that i know what i want, and i know what i'm doing. last summer was more of a "so dis is how you take a pichur now what do i do." but now i think i've got a pretty good grasp on what i can do and what i want to do.

so in celebration, i'm going to make a list for myself - because i have obsessive list making habits.

summer 2010

- finish 365, and make the last 50 days meaningful! (make up for the crappyness)

- draw, color, paint, sketch. :) <3

- start abc project! it won't have any time restriction or anything, it'll be an on going project in which i take a photo representing each letter of the alphabet. maybe i'll start the 52 weeks project when my 365 is over so i don't get lazy.

- fatten up portfolio with awesomeness. seeing as i'm going to major in art (and probably biology as well) i need to make an impressive portfolio. find what kind of artist i stand as.

- learn how to use a darkroom. i don't have any access to one but maybe i'll buy my own crap and see what happens.

- make random art projects for me and only me. not because someone else told me to.

- keep in touch with friends and avoid becoming art hermit.

- go to mountains and the beach.

- make your own camera :)

- GET A JOB, and learn some random skill.

i think that's plausible :) i'm off to study for my chemistry final tomorrow (then spanish, math, english, and history) around june 21-22 prepare yourselves to be drowned in photos! i have sooo many i want to share.

bye lovers! see you in eight days.