June 28, 2011

back from the grave

greetings :D junior year is finally over and now it's summer and i've decided to revive this blog! i wasn't updating due to obscene amounts of homework and little motivation. one of the reasons i didn't update is because i like doing things in order, and since my bermuda photo weren't uploaded yet - i didn't want to post more.

i don't think i'll upload the shots from bermuda....i don't know. it's hard to say, but i can't really put the trip into words or put the photos into a blog post.

oh, did i ever tell you i cut off all my hair? :D in march i cut it all off.

and i've been on my tumblr making graphics - so i'm glad to say i have a much better grasp on computer design. and i strongly dislike this layout.

but anyway, after i get a new layout - i'll be posting a giant update post later today (on everything that has happened during junior year, good lord).

i'm blabbering aren't i? long story short, i'm going to be posting here again.