February 6, 2012

another new layout

i can't help myself, i love editing layouts. (also, it's very de-stressing.)  i should probably learn how to code, but i'm too lazy. but yes, i finally have a fixed sidebar and I AM VERY HAPPY.

i had a terrible dream last night that i was in junior honors english class, and everyone starting walking into the room sobbing. no one got into college. i looked down on my little paper booklet, and i opened it. it said "NYU TISCH: THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. WE'LL LET YOU KNOW OCTOBER 2nd."

needless to say it was horrific. OCTOBER SECOND? HOW THE HELL DOES THAT WORK. regardless, when i get NYU's decision back i will sob hysterically whether i get accepted/rejected. so, yeah.

i've spent the last weekend watching once upon a time non stop. this obviously can't be healthy. i need something to fill the gap doctor who, sherlock, misfits, community, and game of thrones has left in my life ok. (i just finished the book "game of thrones" a couple nights ago, UNF IT WAS GR8! but if you want to get into the series, i'd actually recommend to watch the show first. talk 2 me.)


i got accepted into SAIC! :D

i have somewhat taught kira to say "i love you." or not. IT SOUNDS CLOSE ENOUGH! even though kira won't wag her tail (she usually never wags her tail) and greet you psychotically when you call her name/come home, she is an amazing dog. she's a mixture between a playful kitten/sassy bitch/demanding toddler/and aloof bad ass. i lovverrrs her. (she was really happy when we came back from taiwan though.)

i cut off the top off an old turtle neck sweater i never wear anymore. THIS IS MOMENTOUS BECAUSE I NEVER TRY DIY THINGS. sigh, i want to thrift and cut stuff up.

NEW CAMERA BAG! <3 it was $40 and i got it from kata bags. i used a kata bag in taiwan when i used my aunt's camera, and these bags are awesome. the insides are yellow too. :B

my house if fucking cold at night. and my sweater was in the wash. so, i had to make...amends.

i stole my father's sweater. i rike it.

that's martin (may or may not be named after martin freeman). and my knit gloves to keep me warm.

anyway, i haven't taken a decent photo in months - so i'm excited to take pix with the lovely ellen on saturday. i'm going to start a biographical series of photos of people, i is excited.