April 2, 2012


and on the college note, besides being rejected from everywhere - it's been okay! i've kind of ruled out SVA from my choices because of the high tuition. if i'm going to a school without a campus, it better be worth it - and i dunno - i haven't properly toured the facilities (which i know are great) but eh the school kind of turned me off a bit. right now i'm thinking about either MICA or SAIC. i'm visiting MICA on sunday to see the campus and walk around, and i might visit SAIC - but it's in chicago wahhh. in a few day's i'll see if i got into NYU tisch photography and imaging. if i don't, i'll check out SAIC. but if i do....holy shit i would be the happiest person on this planet. lately i've been trying not to think of it as much because whenever i do i get quite emotional and depressed and angsty and emotionally unstable. i'm trying my best to detach myself from NYU.....because i don't know if they'll accept me and i don't want to have my hopes up - only to be crushed.

this post has been in my drafts for a week now, but i haven't got around to posting it - mainly because IT DON'T APPLY NO MORE!

i got into nyu tisch's department of photography and imaging! i've been shitting myself since i found out in january that the program only accepted 36 undergrads every year. and i got in. i was on skype with gloria gossiping about a recent prom proposal when my friend told me that NYU decisions were out. so gloria watched me scream, sob, double check to make sure it wasn't fake, and sob some more. YUP. haha, i'm an emotional person - and even though this program isn't the highest rank program or anything....i liked how it was selective so that the classes would be tight. it was in the city. it was part of nyu, so i could take classes in other schools. it was close to home. HELLO, internship opportunities. i was pretty convinced i would fail everything, but to my total surprise i got in. I AM WORTH SOMETHING IN LIFE. i'm still trying to grasp the fact that i'm living in new york city next year. ug, my dream my dream my dream.

now i just have to figure out the damn tuition.

but on other notes, life has been pretty dull and photographically devoid of inspiration. i haven't taken anything decent since ellen's shoot and my camera's focusing problems have been annoying the hell out of me. spring break starts on friday, which is good news because i've been trying to set up a shoot with alex to try some hamlet's ophelia type goodies. game of thrones season two premiere was last night, i watched it today after school and holy shit - i'm so fucking excited. (any other ASOIAF FANS?)

oh also, like the new layout? scrapped the old one and went for something newer.

now, photo spam of pointless personal shenanagins.

sketchy phone photos. but the trees are gorgeous. ug, no inspiration/no one to shoot wah. 
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket 
OUT TO SUSHI WITH FRIENDS. (i have friennnddds) 
victoria came backkkk. and then lefttt again. 
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket 
civics court case on affirmative action with gloria. fun fun fun. 
i donated blood :D
random cut appeared on thumb? score. time to use my p&f bandaids. 
what we basically do in AP physics. our sexy lab group.  
saw the hunger games with claudia and my mom. damn, it was incredibly impressive and faithful to the book. this franchise is going to be amazing, i can't wait. 

 haha, my friends saw on my computer that i had a ton of photos of myself. i was like....wait, you don't? is this just a photographer thing? abuse of webcam? 

 this past week has been a flurry of college notifications and work and no work, i don't want it to end - but i want it to end right now so i can go to college. nyar.