September 16, 2012

updates n' life

ah, i just need to take some time and stop and think and organize everything. so hello, julia is in college now doing what she loves most! the first two weeks of class have just ended and i'm finally getting a taste of how to balance work, class, friends, and photography. i'm taking four classes this semester (as per everyone else, mostly). a writing class that's required of all NYU freshman (and mine is the tisch version of the class), a photography lecture in which tuesdays is a lecture and friday is a field trip, my studio class - this semester i am taking analog, and my fourth liberal arts class: intro to psych.

i'm terrible at writing, i really am - these blog posts end up being far to rambly for my taste and there are too many ideas and thoughts teemed into my smallish brain for me to handle. dorms: i love all my roomies and the dorm itself. i live in third north and it's awesome. nyu is so massive sometimes i literally blows my mind. we have so many freshman dorms (third north, founders, weinstein, rubin, hayden, goddard, university hall...and overflow in upperclassmen housing. sorry if i forgot any, i just woke up.) i love meeting new people, and my roomies like to joke that i "know everyone" when i really don't but hey, i just said hi to everyone during welcome week because as nyu says #you only welcome week once.

i finally developed my first roll of film and enlarged some of my first prints. IT'S SO EXCITING I LOVE IT MORE THAN ANYTHING. i'm excited to start critiques and larger projects and watching my work change under direction and guidance. being self taught, it's weird critiquing photos and being in a class - but let's see.

i like spending afternoons chilling by the fountain in the park watching the water sparkle and spray on the unfortunate people who are in the wind's path and having the sun bake my skin. i like asking strangers for pictures and having them say yes. i don't like the fact that when one person is sick in the dorm, WE ALL ARE. so i'm a bit sniffly right now, but hey - maybe it's fall allergies too. i love exploring new places. sometimes when i sit here in my dorm doing nothing, i feel like i'm wasting time. the world is at my doorstep and i need to somehow seize it. but eh, i've told myself that i have four years. take a breath, slow down. i've finally learned how to navigate FOR THE MOST PART, the area of nyu. and i know how subways work now, so 60 points to me. and i know how to cross the street like a real new yorker.

what else? i just love it here. a lot. i don't know what the feeling of "belong" means but i feel like this is my place and that this year will be amazing. i just need to do my homework, in which i am not doing right now.

phew, if you read all of that: i applaud you. cuz i don't even want to reread that. i suppose i need to spill my ideas out on a page to organize them. YOU'VE BEEN GOOD FOLLOWERS, here are some instagram photos. i'll update soon!

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