January 7, 2014

dreams & reality

i made a la jetee inspired stop motion using photographs and audio for my final project for one of my studio classes. i started panicking at first because i had nothing done and my final was due in three days, but after sitting down with my professor with a handful of random photographs i took the night before - i was able to hash out/pull some kind of wayward narrative together. i would have ideally spent at least a month on this, but due to my incredible procrastination skills and other school work - i ended up shooting all the photos on one evening and collecting all the audio with my iphone right after and then spent two consecutive nights hastily patching it together.

illusioned from julia wang on Vimeo.

it's not supposed to make sense and pan out logically - i wanted to make something quick, cyclical, disorienting, and open for many interpretations. i actually do like what i did in the time given but i'm not satisfied. i got a lot of great feedback from people that i intend on utilizing when i remake this, but here it is in it's draft form. also i accidentally imported the images 720x480 so the video is super small lol.