August 11, 2014

around the hills

wooh pictures! i was able to steal ellen away for a little over an hour yesterday for some portraits before she had to go back to school. we wandered around the woods and the track where she spent (basically) the entirety of high school. i recently divided my portrait section of my portfolio by person, and i very much love taking photos of people in their places as they grow up. the most fleshed out section of my portraits would be victoria because the archive extends from 2009 to present day from parsippany to paris. you can peek around my site, it's no where near done yet but it's in the works! (finally)

also i would like to wish ellen happy birthday again! thank you for your stories, i love your company. <3

oh yes, "the hills" the nickname for the other side of my hometown. playing around with lightroom, i'm starting to favor grainier edits. and i've been using my 28mm lens for everything now, i love it.

props to all the old guys jogging around the track. and i also did a super sexy body flop to jump the fence. "my feet are burning i need my flip flops" track tats! ah! (also have i mentioned my thirst for a tattoo is particularly strong lately) eh, blue coloring? in the courtyard and in front of the auditorium.

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