December 20, 2009


our new 3 month old shiba inu puppy! we got her at a puppy store in paramus :) we were debating between the shiba inu, australian shepard, or the capuchan. the capuchan was just fuzzy and cute and was the kind of dog that loves you and you can snuggle/watch television with. the australian shepard was gray and white and a giant fluffball with pretty blue eyes - but she shed too much :/ but we got kira because well i lovers her :) she's clever too, haha. she took megan's glasses the first time she saw her.

she's a girl, and her b-day is 9-10-09. on the car ride home, while we were thinking of names i randomly shouted KIRA. so her name is kira :)

she's the cutest thing ever. and she's pretty too :D

this was taken the day we got her. :) i don't seem to have any photos of her wandering around the living room - she's still kind of timid and afraid to roam beyond a small area XD she likes to chill in the crate.

the next photos were just taken. (kira woke up from a nap :))

the people said she couldn't go out for two weeks, so potty training her is...difficult. haha. let's say my sister is stupid when it comes to cleaning up therefore i am the potty patrol.

kira loves: tennis balls, string, shoes, and brooms. she reminds me of a kitty <3

on the topic of my 365 - i was planning on waiting for my laptop to get fixed but that obviously isn't going to happen soon - so i'm going to upload them sooc gradually over the next week so you don't get spammed ;)

off to write my research paper!