December 17, 2009

haircut + sarah's

update, 3/23/10 - i was going through old posts and i realized all the links were gone :| so i added the ones i THINK were there. tata.

[posted on december 14, 2009]

on the way home from the mall, i suddenly had this craving so get my hair cut. so after pestering my mom i got a trim :D (scarf was half off from H&M nommm)

xIMG_2 356

went to sarah's (family friend) house today :3 we spent most of the time trying to piece up our chinese homework (me, victoria, kevin)
xIMG_2 443 copy
xIMG_2 462 copy

buuutt we got some cute shots with sarah by the christmas tree. stupid slow shutter speed and lack of a tripod! but sarah was like waaa why meee - and her cousin was directing her. he's pretty good i must say. (must drag him off to my other shoots) this was actually the first time a shoot wasn't spontaneous, and i have to say i like spontaneous better.

and it was freeeezing outside, but you do what you do for bokeh right?

xIMG_2 567 copy

speaking of shoots, you remember i made a model mayhem account yah? *this is where you nod* well i've arranged some shoots for this coming summer and i'm kind of really excited. i just don't know how to tell me parents, seeing they're iffy about meeting people via internet. someone even asked me to shoot next week for a set of potential dress prototypes. i had to say no, due to my stupid research paper. >:|