December 14, 2009

LOMO + half day

tralalala, tis another half day :D my laptop is still dying/dead so no photoshop. i'm so used to my mom's stretched out monitor that when i looked at a normal i was like why is everthin' so skinny?

i'm going to attempt to revive my laptop this afternoon. it'll be edit one photo -freezeturnoff- edit one photo -freezeturnoff- oh well D:

complaining aside, my lomo fisheye 2 came today! it is soo much smaller then i imagined it to be but i can't wait to get my hands on some film to try it out. :3 i shall now spam you with photos.

and it came with these cool little booklets and poster - thing.

^ it's a good quality booklet as well.

and today was lens cleaning day :3 well i've actually never cleaned my lens yet....i haven't had any microfiber clothes! i used a lenspen (also came today from amazon) to get the thick layer of dust off - and i hope it didn't scratch it and the quality is slightly improved. i feel cleaner. haha.

my babies.

oh yes, and delicious lunch!

voila - gone!