January 17, 2010

the chronicles of film: roll one

i made a carbonmade show: click click click goes the weasel.

film film film, i have to say i love it. so far i've only used the lomo fisheye no 2 - but i hope to expand my collection as the year goes on.

the lomo is pretty good, just not the best quality camera. it's fun to play with and see the results. the double (infinite) exposure fascinates me.

so these are the photos from my first three rolls of film. since i forgot that is was 400 iso film and could not be used indoors - only 25/75 photos came out. one roll was old and decaying in my parents old batter drawer - so i just took it out and tested it. the other two were new.

well, learn from your mistakes right? but i'm excited and can't wait to experiment more :D

i scanned these with my old scanner, so i apologize for the quality. it looks nasty, and it sucks. i mean i like vintage photos but these photos came out really nice but the scan doesn't really show that.

my favorite one is this one,
down to earth - lomo film

now onto el fotos.
1. single exposure, snow day <3 2. triple exposure 3. single exposure, normal day 4. triple exposure, sky! slide2
1. the fridge. flash + triple exposure
2. el messy room.
3. bulb, christmas tree.
4. double exposure on bulb. lights.
*the red spots are from the 8+ year old film. i like it actually.
1. self on bed XD double exposure + flash
2. an epic double exposure of my mouth and my desk. look closely.
3. simple, flash of my parents room.
4. an unattractive double exposure of myself with flash. haha.
i am so mad the ones at school didn't come out >:|
1. school hallway. one of the only shots that came out well because it was so bright. the first silhouette drawing is mine. :D <3
2. last night was research paper day, claudia and i were tired. pah honors students don't sleep.
3. our of the 20 shots i shot at school, only these four actually came out because of the 400 iso film and i forgot i needed at least 800 indoor. D: double exposure of library. friend hunching over in the background.
4. double exposure, another dark one ): so sad i lost so many good shots. my friend making a face in art class.

'tis all for now. wait for roll two. {i'll name them in the batches that i get them developed in}