January 17, 2010

halos + new layout

ah, blog - i apologize for neglecting you! this past week has seriously been hell. it's like the teachers purposely want us to prematurely age and wrinkle.

nevertheless, i have survived! and i decided to get a new blog layout, because i want to post bigger photos. the previous layout could only handle photos 500px wide. but, now - they can be much bigger...muahaha!

it's a three day weekend, and i'm done with day two. i dread going back to school rahhh.

we took kira to get her shots at the nearest petco (because it's cheaper then the vet's - duh) and we waited in line for about 2 hours. there were so many adorable dogs and puppies, i want 'em allll. the stingy old vet gave us the evil eye when kira was squirming when she tried to stuff some stuff in her nose. like it's my fault you're scary.

testing photos - taken back in january 3 (day 174)

winter night
xIMG_6892 copy

ya diggin' the large photos? ..... i am.