January 25, 2010

la fiesta sorpresa de mi amiga

[taken on 1/18/10]

me and my friend teamed to to plan a surprise party for mi amiga, gloria.

the mission was successful, and we scared the shit outta her :)

xIMG_7524 copy
i think we waited two hours before she showed up, that's good plannin' for you.
IMG_7547 copy
my friend had this sitting on one of her reject old stuff shelves. I ALMOST HAD AN ANEURYSM. NOMG. will steal this one day....
IMG_7571 copy
me, being the dashing genius that i am forgot to turn the camera on! failure. but this is her face two seconds later. puahaha.
IMG_7643 copy
i seem to have a large gap in my photos. well we played video games and ate food. then had cake. woop.
IMG_7654 copy
xIMG_7695 copy