January 29, 2010

starry night skies

[taken on january 22, 2010]

i never usually paid attention to the night sky, because where i live you can't really see the stars. they're obscured by the 30 minute away NYC and just the suburbs. but i saw them tonight :)
once i added this gradient map, even more stars popped up - one day i want to go out in the country side and gaze at the stars all night. it's breathtaking.

i really experimented with these. i didn't really pay attention to the quality or obeying the usual unsaid rules of editing - i just played around and had fun :D


go to the city and follow your star
yeah, i don't know italian. translator ftw!
IMG_7733 copy
falling star.
xIMG_7729 copy
IMG_7732 copy
i only know spanish :P