March 21, 2010


one of my projects for art class, and i really love it!

emergence, in a nut shell is when a bunch of little things come together to form one cohesive thing. i can talk all day about emergence but i don't want to bore you and i wanna move on to the photos.

i don't believe in any religion, but i chose to draw some kind of mother nature deity. that sometimes, after why does this happen why why why why why - there is no reason. some unexplainable pull of life that pulls us into organized chaos. lol, maybe i'll put up my emergence statement here someday. not that you want to see it...

anyway - made with koi watercolors, time, glitter, and white acrylic paint. and a cuetip. and a bag o' chips.

i'm actually in love with traditional art, i just don't do it as often because i'm just awful compared to the exponential talent on deviantart. their work blows my mind.

one day when i find a scanner large enough i'll scan it up. it's at school right now so no moar photos i can take. (yoda, haha)

the ref i used was photo i found on tumblr, when i find it i'll credit it! (the profile got effed up...meow D:)

this was not my intended idea, just a variation i randomly did with a jug of ink.
xIMG_1790 copy
xIMG_1786 copy