March 21, 2010

tyler, half day!

[taken on monday 15th]

i'm tired and it's time to go to bed, but i am determined to upload these today!

halfday, and tyler came over! we initally wanted to experiment with a palette of sephora eyeshadows she had but the idea went out the window and down the drain when we realized...we sucked. well i sucked hahaha. basically an afternoon of hanging out and the occasional photo ;)

(ps, i decided to experiment with photoshop so the first three photos were basically raped haha)

ghost child
quiet thoughts
aIMG_1913 copy
aIMG_1957 copy color
sooc :P
aIMG_1962 copy COLOR
aIMG_1962 copy BW
aIMG_1950 copy

this part of the shoot was like 5 minutes long, but i got a lot of (similar) shots i liked :D i haven't went through all of them yet actually. (hehe save it for a rainy day)
and the below were: hey look flash looks cool! tyler was trying eyeshadows (lol fail)
aIMG_2026 copy
aIMG_2029 copy
aIMG_2037 copy
lol hot.
aIMG_2036 copy

anddd some out takes!
my no hands umbrella idea in action.
kiss plz

WHEW, time for bed.