April 3, 2010

freedom + updates

these photos are meant for march 23, 2010 (i know i know, i'm behind!)

but i'd thought i post a little update! right now it's the second day of my weeklong spring break and god am i happy. i've been mostly sleeping and taking photos. hopefully i'll post them all up this week :D i'm going to the beach tomorrow, and i am SO FREAKING EXCITED. i'm pretty deprived ;) haven't been there in about three years and i'm going with my friend dana to take some pichas.

most my friends are off in spain, italy, and france D: can someone say fuck my life? fuck my life. i know, i've been complaining a lot but life is so unfair sometimes! D:

on to photos, i'm babbling.

these were an experiment, i want to try different things.

things that i'm free of:
- religion - i believe in following your heart and using your own mind.
- .... nothing much more hahaha. religion was my main one i was thinking about when i was taking these photos.

what i hope to be free of:
- expectations
- impossible pressure from school to get high grades
- pressure from school. did i say that already?
- parental smothering - i love my parents, but i neeeeed to be able to make my own choices.
- and school.

IMG_2537 copy
IMG_2518 text
with text
IMG_2518 copy
without text?
IMG_2533 copy
IMG_2533 copy madnes
without color!
IMG_2531 copy
bleh don't like this one.

out takes!!