May 14, 2010

carnegie hall and fog skies

[april 25, 2010]

DELAYED, i know. you know how i say i'm busy and such (and i am) but i'm back for the brief moment before my weekend begins ;)

so, my sister's friend (who is also a close family friend) is a piano prodigy - so he had a concert at carnegie hall for winning a contest. i initially declined the offer to go because i tend to fall asleep at boring piano concert where they play songs people have played a million times before. (don't get me wrong, i admire the talent but it's all the same - no passion or variety) but it was sunday afternoon and it was rainy, and i have never been to new york city on a rainy night. it's funny how i live 20-30 minutes away and i've only been there twice. *___*

anyway, so i went with my sister - mom - and the piano boy and his parents :D and yes i did fall asleep after he performed and finished reading the crucible.

i didn't get to take too many photos, because we had only 10 minutes to walk off before it started and they were all like WALK FASTER. i don't know them that well so they don't know my obsessive photo taking habits.

these were edited with three batches of colors, so some are purply for night shots and some are brown/blue :D it was amazingly foggy that day (it rained during the concert) and the buildings were literally in the clouds. love! ( wish i could make them bigger....but i accidentally uploaded them all on photobucket with the 640pixels width option ) and i apologize if the photos lag when you view them!

big city dreams
i found that amusing.
his parents.
cloud buildings.

*insert concert and nap here* we walk out, literally walking as fast as everyone else - trying to keep up. they're all like, oooh walk faster you're in the middle of the street. BLAH, the cars can wait. so i wish i could've stayed longer then the meager five minutes!
rainy city nights
* i have shortened this section because if i included all of them, you'd die of boredom *

bokeh just makes me happy :)