May 19, 2010

dog park adventures

april 29 & may 1

we try to go to the dog park often, it's so much fun :D (kira loves it) usually shibas hate other dogs, but we got kira to hang out with them at a young age so she loves playing with other dogs.

the dog park is across the street, and on a weekday there is usually 3-5 dogs.

but on fridays, there is 15-20 dogs. it is absolutely crazy. we open all the gates (the one separating big and small dogs) and it's just drool and dog every where. i always don't bring my camera when it's exciting, but i'll bring it this coming friday :) <3 these are a mix of photos from the 29th and the 1st.
"sorry, he drools when he's nervous (it's his first time at the park)"
btw, if you didn't know. sniffing butts is like saying hi. :)