June 23, 2010

bubbles and life

seriously, life is so different when you don't have to worry about school or any of that kind of crap. i've been sleeping, editing, sleeping, and hanging out with friends :) i saw toy story 3 yesterday with a herd of friends (got a crap seat in the front row to the wayyy left, lolz) and i loved it. definitely one of the best endings to an animated trilogy. and yes, i cried.

dana came over yesterday and i will tell you that dana and i have planned many summer adventures together. hopefully i'll peer pressure her into making a deviantart so you all can see her wonderful work. (plus, her makeup skills beat mine so i might have some crazy makeup shoots) we took a couple of shots, will upload those soon.

lalala, today i finished reading before i fall, by lauren oliver. i really liked it and the moral was worth the read. it's just that in the beginning it sets out the usual high school setting and i can't believe the mindset of some people. drinking, smoking, and thinking that high school lasts forever. *sigh* anyway, to give a quick one-sentance-summary - the story is a about a girl named sam who dies and relives that same day seven times. i won't say a word more because 1) i suck at summaries 2) pick it up yourself and read it :) 3) here is a better summary (that reveals nothing)

i apologize for the braincells lost in the rant - so i hope this video makes up for it :) i made it with victoria on june 5th - during a dinner gathering at her house. she has the canon rebel t1i - so it have a video function (something i am extremely jealous of and plan to use a lot - mauahahahah). so we took a video of bubbles in the night. best. bokeh. ever. and thank you victoria - for blowing wonderful streams of bubbles. ug, i'm so sorry about the music - stupid computer. and my not knowing how to choose the right file. it's fidelity by regina spektor.

wish in a bubble from Julia Wang on Vimeo.

(i've been waiting for the video to upload, i had it at 515MB -15MB over the limit- and had to resave it in a different format and wait another million years. in that timeframe - i found this video on tumblr. this is the definition of mindfuck. whew. i love this kind of stuff, even if it melts my brain. there are lots of comments like WAIT WHAT ABOUT THIS -and all those damn annotations- but this is a much as my smallish brain can handle)

update: moments later my friend sent me this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzK2PRYSvbE. which has much to do with the book i finished this morning (before i fall - the one i said above) in which in her redoes every action changes another and creates a new outcome. this is too much for my brain, going to bed.