June 20, 2010

can i borrow your electricity?

[june 2, 2010]

just a normal day, until my friend called around ten and asked:
gloria: julia, can i ask you an odd question?
me: wut?
gloria: .....can i borrow your electricity?
(she lives near my house)

her house has loses power often for hours at a time so i said lol sure and she came over. i remember telling her, yeah we rarely loose power at my house (maybe once (or none) in a year).

fifteen minutes later. *power dies*

ironic. ironic. ironic. but the power came back in 15 minutes :B here's us, reading by laptop light.

doing homework like good little children upstairs.

i hate it when the power goes out, and for a few moments you are totally blind. but i remembered where i stashed all the flashlights so i ambled upstairs and got 'em.