June 18, 2010

staring at rainy days, the hunger games, and FREEDOM

that's right, i took my last finals today. (something odd, i saw my spanish teacher at the pizza store and she said: HULIA, YOU DID GREAT ON THE FINALS. i think i looked at her with the "wtf" face because i was almost sure i failed. well i don't remember much about it anyway.)

and damn it feels so good to be free. even though i quite haven't gotten used to the concept of "you can do w/e you want without stressing" idea. going to kidnap some friends and get shooting right awayyyyy. and hopefully get a job so i can get some new lenses. si?

ANYWAY i spent the afternoon reading the second book of the hunger games (catching fire) and i loved it :) i personally love suzanne collins and loved the gregor and the overlander series. the hunger games are even better. looking for a good summer read? read this. you're bound to anyway, they're making the movie :B the last book of the trilogy is coming out in august so i won't have to wait too long. don't you hate it when you read a book, then realize the next one came out a couple months ago? that's what i did with children of the lamp, maximum ride, septimus heap, peter and the starcatchers, etc more. stupid school. (i like fantasy kid books okay.) then, i don't bother to read it unless i'm rabid about it.

ps - if you guys don't follow her already, steph su has an awesome book blog, and i will be nomming on her books allll summer. i haven't read like nuts since eigth grade *deprived* victoria borrowed bags of books from steph and i kidnapped them from victoria. yey. next book to read: the book thief.

my head kind of hurts so i'm going to sleep until noon and then you'll all get swamped with photos.

until then, here is a random stop motion of a rainy day. :) i just like to sit and watch the rain drop. <-- normal. song is by coldplay (clocks). i wish i could've slowed it down a teeny bit but sadly window's movie maker isn't that customizable.