June 30, 2010

tacky stuck on words

film/digital photos taken on june 5, 2010

i hate talking in that past, i just wish once i sort my whole 365 out i can speak in the present and actually know what i did. a photo adventure with victoria of course ;)

her neighborhood is filled with amazing things to shoot, utilize it more woman!

soo....i need to confess. i did the cliche tumblr cut-out-quote-and-stick-on-film-photo collage thing. it was fun. *sobs and repents for sins*

i honestly love film, and i want to thank my friend simon for giving me this roll!
profile photo of sorts
make a difference
no lie, we actually found this shoe lying there. who leaves converse laying around? that are traced? dunno :B
victorias 010
crouching on the ground to get a good shot of the shoe. JULIA HELP ME UP! me: h/o let meh take a photo.
victorias 006

victorias 012
an adorable house :)

victorias 009
victorias 018
yey, the flash works!
victorias 021
and so did the light leaks! *fist pump*

victorias 022
victoria taking a photo of me of me taking a photo of her. yes :)
victorias 023
victorias 020
mah room.
victorias 011
kira :)

digital photos here.