July 7, 2010

FEATURE TIME: victoria (wishinbubble)

YAY FOR FRIEND PROMOTION :D but only because it's good stuff i'm promoting. good stuff children.

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^ poorly scanned photo of the both of us

if ya'll follow me you obviously know victoria (aka, wishinbubble - don't ask about the username i made it up in a stroke of insanity :D) one of my best friends, partner in crime/trespassing, and listens to all my problems. (also a close family friend, so she's mah vacation buddy and keeps me sane) we go on photo adventures together *takes out explorer gear* she's also a photographer  (but you all know that too) and has recently made a blog, and if you're interested you should follow :D

some of her recent workies.

more on her flickr, in which you can go to by clicking the images.

plus, she writes better then me - so it should be easier to read XD