October 11, 2010

new layout + junior year!


i've been so busy with junior year + sats (which i just took last saturday - wooooOOOh) + field hockey, that i haven't had time to update my blog ): that's a partial lie though, i must say. i've been playing around with my graphics tumblrs in my free time actually. regardless, i'm definitely back and starting off the new school year with a new layout :D

adios, cloud layout.


i converted my blogger back to the old days of HTML so i could use this pretty skin i found on blogskins. yes, it's a little smaller then my previous layouts so SOME posts regarding photos with 640+ pixel width will overflow a bit. also, the old blogger does not offer a 'previous posts' link - so i decided to archive my blog by week instead of month, so all the posts would show up.

how has school been? busy busy busy busy. right after school i go to field hockey (in which we have practice/game) and come home from 6-7:30pm only to find a giant pile of homework waiting for me. but once it's over, i'm definitely going to be updating much more frequently.

and those bermuda photos? THEY'RE COMING. yes, i know. i'll be posting them as soon as i have a bunch of free time. i also have a few sets of photos here and there from september, expect those as well.

it's embarassing, but i don't want people to think i'm actually falling behind on my 52 weeks project as well.....but the thing is i totally forgot i even had one. i might make it up in my free time, i might just turn it into a quote project. who knows.

i'm sick with a cough and i've got to read some imperialist readings and english poetry. i'll talk to you all later <3