December 6, 2010

i'm sorry i'm still here

with gigs and gigs of photos to share.

as soon as i get rid of this odd layout and winter break comes i'll be updating again. sorry D: (sorry to myself, mostly - but to the few people that actually read my blog) i do like this layout a lot, but it /is/ an out dated version of blogger and it's really difficult to navigate and my archive doesn't work. not suitable for the mass photograph updater like moi. (update: i was talking about my old layout - not the one i have now)

oh yes, i turned 17. it's a strange ass feeling - i still firmly believe i am 15 and i will not age from there. and i'm getting a new laptop :D (even though the one i have is only a little over 3 years's got issues. it freezes all the time up until the point where i need to reformat the hard drive every three months. it has no battery life (constantly needs to be plugged in), the letter 'N' keeps popping off, constant freezing etc. i'm getting a super fast one so i'm incredibly excited.)

i've been spending almost all my free time on tumblr, namely for my harry potter graphics. but mostly i just lurk around and reblog things that amuse me. (esp the fact that i have more followers than i have friends lol. 1,300 people to listen to my problems - hell yeah) & ever since the movie came out my obsession is back on full blast.

and since tumblr is down, i'm going to go fix the layout right now. :D


update: 6:40pm - I'VE FINISHED. do you like it? :B i just need to add the biography and links and it'll be good to gooo.

^ i have a plethora of gifs thanks to tumblr.