August 21, 2011


since i updated jack shit during junior here: here is a rambly list of my year.
  • i've broken off from my tumblr and created a new one - the one i currently use now. it's not that i don't like the people from the photography blogs i followed, i just felt like my work was becoming just another photo in the endless stream of flickr/tumblr trends and i was getting a tad sick of people being poetic. i'm rude, i'm annoying, i'm frank. i can't write pretty words with fancy adjectives D: this obviously, doesn't mean everyone. i happen to enjoy a lot of the pretty writings of my fellow photographers and friends - it's just.....the majority of it that i can't stand. it's true, i miss seeing other people's work on a daily basis and being inspired - but i actually like being "on my own" persay.
  • so yes, i make graphics now - so my text photos won't look nasty anymore!
  • another attribute from tumblr: but i now actually watch tv shows. but on the computer. o-0
  • doctor who is the love of my life. i also love modern family/community/misfits/game of thrones/etc.
  • i've started a craze for nail polish, now - more than ever.
  • i had my first formal dance, junior dinner - which was a ton of fun.
  • i got a pixie cut and a bob cut
  • kira still ignores me/loves me
  • i blame my friends from tumblr, but i've grown much more apathetic and more confident in a way. as in, i'm still neurotic that my parking is harming other people - but i could care less of what people think of me or if they like me or not. which is bad in someways, tbh.
  • field hockey started a few days ago and i'm happy :D i love the seniors and we all get along awesomely~
  • damn ok i remember nothing else from junior year so i'll just post photos i posted on flickr.
  • what a failure of a list.
i took photos with my friend sam - with christina stalking us.

fear of the unknown
i helped tyler with her courage project.
i love the snow in my neighborhood.
who's ready for 2011?
said goodbye to 2010 with a bang with my sexy friends victoria and kevin
lit up an umbrella.

there was a crazy ass amount of snow days.
kira enjoyed the snow storm.
claudia and i still look good.
kira enjoys her bed.

i camwhored.
my friends and i made an awesome spanish video. this is zainab and this was shot and nehal's amazingly gorgeous house. click to see more.
victoria and i played with breath outside of kevin's house. this photo got a ton of attention and i love it a lot.
i realized a month later that in the center i accidentally pasted a photo in, fml.
i spent a majority of the year wishing for the cruise to come back.
oh look, it's me with my failure of a pixie cut - ugh she left me with too much hair.
life in death
tyler helped me with my ancient mariner project.
junya dinna! more photos here:
victoria and i had our first sleep over in april, after knowing each over for so many years. click for more photos.
i bought butterflies from micheal's and stuck them on tyler. (we didn't see each other much this year ): )
i finally took some macro shots.

i went to nyc with mah besties to see the HP exhibition.
we wandered around central park. click for all photos.
victoria and i studied for the ap bio exam. alas.
tyler/victoria/and i took photos with the sun.
i took photos of daisy's uber cute puppy - patti.
did i mention i love physics? we made an awesome panpipe from the bamboo in my backyard. click for more photos.
thank you, harry
couldn't help it - so i took some cliche HP pictures. oh yes, my tumblr has revived my obsession with harry potter.
victoria and i sunbathed in johanna's beautiful home.
i stalked children at our school's annual fair.
tyler went to prom and graduated.
ohoho more of this to come.
myrtle beach
claudia and i spent the first week of july at myrtle beach.
& then i went to taiwan for a month to visit family/eat food.

hot damn, well i think i've caught up! now it's august and i'm about to start senior year (holy crap) and victoria has left me for college... and tyler is leaving soon so i'm spending monday with her. and i seriously don't know who i will exist without them SOBBING. i also spent the last couple of days hanging out with victoria and helping her pack - hi girl, i love you! all mah peeps are leaving me. (hi claudia u won't leave me right?) i'll probably have to socialize with other people now. i promise i will update this blog - even if i don't talk much i still want to upload pictures. so much has happened.