August 21, 2011


[originally a tumblr post, but i wanted to post it here as well] as a result of my new nail obsession, le newspaper nails! they are so incredibly easy to do - and there are a ton of tutorials on the internet. i do it like this.

  1. find newspaper. (duh) try to see if your house has newspaper in a different language! (or acquire it) i used english and chinese newspaper.
  2. cut the newspaper into little chunks. big enough so you can hold them but not too big - because each chunk is for one nail. cut ten chunks.
  3. get a small dish of rubbing alcohol, i used 70% isopropyl.
  4. now, time to paint your nails! it looks best on a light/pastel/cream color. but honestly, it's up to you! just remember that if the color is too dark, the newspaper design will now show up.
  5. make sure your nails are COMPLETELY dry. i painted on two coats of a peachy cream color i had.
  6. now, dip your nail into the rubbing alcohol.
  7. immediately afterwards, dip a small chunk of newspaper into the alcohol. do not soak it, just dip it and shake off the excess.
  8. press the newspaper onto the nail that was dipped in the alcohol. i've discovered that it looks best if you press with good amount pressure (as in, don't push lightly or too hard) and hold it down for 20-30 seconds.
  9. peel it off! it should look neat. do not touch it or it will smear. if you happened to choose a section of the paper with little words, press the newspaper on again but in a different spot. it'll still look cool.
  10. once you finish one hand (they should all be dry) apply a topcoat on. if you do not apply a top coat on - it will not look good. trust me!
  11. voila.

here is the official tutorial and thank you amanda for helping me :)