August 24, 2011

my empty life without my camera

And so, today embarks my journey to start writing with proper punctuation. Yeah, I know. This is my way of getting ready for school instead of reading my summer books or writing my spanish journals.

My camera is still at the repair shop, he should be back on Friday. God, I do not know what to do with my life. Field hockey and the internet keep me busy though.

that moment when you don't know you should make a pretty face or a funny face so i just do this.

shells from taiwan in my starbucks jar. oh yes.

damn you field hockey. i can never wear open back shirts EVER AGAIN. (we have racer back pinnies) lol, and you thought i practiced in my sport's bra.
aight, so i should go back into my sad cameraless existence filled with stress of applying for colleges. damn, didn't i say i was going to start writing with capital letters? well that failed.