December 5, 2011

where's waldo?

this song and the entire new florence album has been on constant repeat over the last few days. school seems to have a slowed down a bit (as if to give us time to tackle apps. i've submitted 3/11!) and the marking period just started. i have actually cleaned my desk for the first time since 2008. epic. in the meantime i am uploading old posts from the fall that i have neglected and am revamping the blog layout.

behold the field hockey rugby shirts! we've been wanting to get them forever, except it was too expensive so we never really did. howeverrrr, during the end of season banquet GUESS WHAT THE BOOSTER CLUB SURPRISED US WITH? aw yeah. i'm going to make a massive field hockey post soon of the entire season/four years. us seniors wore them to school a couple of days ago and received a startling amount of waldo comments. i don't care though, i'm in love with it.

anyway, i get these biannual urges to clean my room and everything in sight. so - i danced around my room singing YOUUURR BRIGHHT BLUUE EEYESSSS to florence's beautiful voice and threw out everything in sight. it was quite therapeutic. below is what happens when you give up cleaning halfway through.

can you believe you can ACTUALLY SEE THE DESK. what a lovely color it is.
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stripes with stripes with stripes. i'm a fashion disaster.