January 5, 2012

new year, new header

dost thou like it?

the new year has been uneventful so far, but i'm excited for what's to come! school is actually bearable, my classes aren't that hard and i'm getting an A- in ap english - which is pretty damn rad. i've watched the new sherlock episode, which was phenomenal and i watched fight club yesterday. it was. amazing. mind has been blown. now that college applications are almost over (i still have to submit MICA & RISD), i have...time. i've also been reading a game of thrones (a song of ice and fire).

i'm never one to make such boring photoless blog posts (for i am boring and i can't entertain you with my riting skilz), so here are some webcam shots.

god, we're so attractive. victoria here is living the dream life right now - no school (college winter break), friends, and lots of british television with a splash of american comedy.
and my inner fangirl was delighted with my brand new screwdriver :D it's eleven's (from the greatest show in existence, doctor who. god bless the british for that and harry potter.)
the left is a beautiful essie nail polish from zainab and the right is my method of staying warm in my freezing cold house. asian houses + 10 degrees = normal houses. 

sweater from express that i adore. it's gr8 because: i can eat a lot and you can't see the food baby, it's comfortable, and it allows for movement in vigorous dance central games.

of course i'm doing my homework?

and my gold nails.

that is all, i must complete my civics homework on the ongoing primaries (thank god i took civics, i was apprehensive at first because i hate politics and everything about it, but now that i took the class i can actually UNDERSTAND things about the world and my country now. goooo american education system! -sarcasm, because i had not known these things before civics) and talk about animal rights in spanish.