June 8, 2012

current emotional state: what.

i cannot even begin to fathom that high school is almost over. that home, is almost over. i...what? prom? (i'll put photos up soon) prom came and went faster than i wanted it too, and now it's june 8th and i only have two days of actual school left before finals. (in which i'm only taking two, aw yeah!) TWO DAYS OF SCHOOL. we saw the graduation bleachers up already and....what? the sadness and the realization hasn't hit me yet, it doesn't even feel like school is ending. it feels like there is another month left. TWO DAYS. i seriously can't wrap my head around it....two days. when you life falls into a certain cycle and when you realize that the cycle is over....what?

that's all i have to say: what? really?

i felt like earlier this year i was starting to feel emotional that it was all over, but now it's just surreal confusion - to be quite honest.

i didn't feel like this year went by fast. i think it was a pretty long year. the worst of everything was the waiting. the waiting for college applications. i hated that feeling. sending out applications and just waiting to hear back.

but i'm excited to see what the future brings. i'm excited to live in nyc next year. i'm excited to study photography.

and here's a photo because i don't like purely text posts.