July 23, 2012

europe 2012: paris - day one

day one consisted of 13 delirious children who haven't slept in over 30 something hours. the plane ride was this awful experience full of numerous attempts to fall asleep in various positions. it was a night flight and it was 7.5 hours. we arrived in paris around 7 in the morning and immediately got ready to start our first free day. me, being the dumb ass that i am, brought my dysfunctional 50mm on the first day. i learned from my mistake, so the rest of the trip is shot with my 28-135mm lens.
NOTE: a lot of the photos i took were personal and lots of silly pictures of friends. for the sake of brevity, i will only include a few snapshots from they day - but do know that i took 500-1000+ photos depending on the day. and many are cute and goofy. :) (i just hate it when i go through vacation pictures and all the photos are all formal looking, just me?) oh, and i edited the majority of these photos too. I'M A CHAMP!
it was cloudy and we were tired beyond belief, so the day was a blur of walking around the perfect streets of paris and visiting the courtyard of the louvre.


we stayed in a hotel in la defense, which isn't in the heart of paris but rather in the outskirts. we walked to the metro every morning, passing by quiet cafes and tall buildings.
our tour guide vera showing us how to navigate the metro, it's actually quite easy.
talya on the metro
walking past hotel de ville is when it hit me when we were in paris. FUCKING. PARIS.
basically everyone in paris is well dressed, not fat, and smokes.
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the tour didn't include lunch, so we had to find it ourselves. of course we stopped and had crepes.
this apple, cream, chocolate contraption that was delicious.
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sammy being a top model at la seine.
cobblestones everywhere. easy on the eyes but not on the feet.
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simon n' leonard, tru luv.
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nbd just the lourve. THE LOURVE!
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what no sleep for way too long does to you.
the reaction makes my day.
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