June 28, 2012

skyline dinner

wesley is leaving (just left) for naval academy boot camp, so we took him out to eat at a fancy restaurant with a beautiful view of the nyc skyline. so after dinner we went out on the balcony and camwhored around. these are the results of that. afterwards we went to wesley's friend's house (who lived nearby) and basked in the glory of his beautiful apartment.

oh, and guess who's going to france and spain in t-minus four days? (me) more on that later. :) AND i saw brave yesterday, i absolutely loved it.

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claudia, moi, & emily. Photobucket
wait, let's flash back to dinner for a second. 
me peeping on people. 
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andy wuv's wesley. 
moi by claudia. 
poor emily twisted/sprained her ankle during a hypnotist show during project grad. ): PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
andrew's beautiful apartment. 
the view from his balcony. <3