July 26, 2012

ombre hair

it's something i've been wanting to do for awhile, except that my hair wasn't long enough yet. my friends (isabelle & krystal, ya've seen them before) have been talking about ombre-ing our hair - so we decided to try it out!

again, i opted out this round because my hair is too short at the moment - and it turns out i was the hair stylist? i have never EVER dyed or styled hair before. EVER. and these two lovely ladies trusted me to dye (krystal) and bleach (isabelle) their hair. and to be QUITE honest, i think i did a bangin' job. i'm proud of myselfffff.

i still have virgin hair and so did isabelle, so doing anything to hair is just....really scary. but once we got started it was like: MORE DYE. JUST DO IT. SLATHER IT ON. but now i'm over that fear and i'm excited to dye/bleach my hair when it's longer. anyway, without further adooo. (isabelle's looks a wee bit more dramatic then it does IRL, it's more subtle)

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