August 20, 2012


i usually don't use preset curves or actions, but i thought i should probably do some sort of gift-esque thang. (the reason i don't use presets is that i ~believe~ every photo deserves their own specific edit to match the idea in my head. but i do believe that curves are a great learning too and it's cool to see how other people edit!) but anyway, here is my attempt at making general curves for le public.

to download them, open up a photo in photoshop. (these were created in cs5) go to curves and click the icon on the top right corner. click "load curves preset." and select the curve and you are free to go! tweak 'em. if you use them, you don't have to credit me. but it would be awesome if you linked back! i'm still working on making curves for others, so if you guys like it i'll post more?

the eos curve works BEST on photographs in which the background is much lighter than the subject, and the subject is a bit dark.

the sol curve is similar to the eos, but it works best on photographs in which the background and the subject are bright. it lightens up the darker parts of the subject (example: ellen's hair in the first photo).
so yup. tell me if you guys want to see more curves or if you'd rather have me a do a raffle in which i'll edit some of the winner's photos.