August 16, 2012

summer in film

as you may or may not know, jasmine's dad lent me his old canon a-e program and gave me 6 rolls of film! alkdfjs. this was the first roll that i developed - it was a more like a "test run" to make sure the camera still worked. and, it does. :) i still need to work on the metering/exposure shenangins and i want to play around more with double exposures.

i have another roll that i'm on the verge of finishing - i'm still very reluctant to take a photo with film (since film was always too much to buy), but i'm telling myself to stop worrying and just do it.

i also apologize for the tragedy that is my scanner.

kelly and her windows.
my artz n' bokeh n' stuff.
working flash? check. & a happy birthday girl.
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failure, regarding exposure but hey LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE.
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revisiting old adventures.
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in which i make jasmine model for me for a few seconds whilst the parents stared.