January 21, 2013

netflix overdose

i have literally spent the last week in the following manner.

1) wake up around noon
2) eat
3) turn on netflix
4) eat
5) play with kira

i am not even shitting you. i have watched all of firefly and serenity, parks & rec, and now i'm mowing through heroes. i get very twitchy when i have nothing to do. i decided not to go back to work this break so i could have time to spend with friends. and for the majority of break i was very busy! every day i had something to do, but this last week (or extra week, i like to call it. most schools went back this week) has consisted of nothing. there are so many things for me to do and i'm just not doing it, and i dunno why.

so i have decided today that it is okay to sleep for over 12 hours and watch lots of tv. and not exercise. and be a fat ass in general. whew.

let me post some pictures here so this entry isn't that blank. i'll use this as another shameless plug for my instagram. i'm auroille, find me. :)