June 27, 2013

the rain room

moma (museum of modern art in nyc) refers to the exhibit:
A field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected, Rain Room offers visitors the experience of controlling the rain. Known for their distinctive approach to contemporary digital practice, Random International’s experimental projects come alive through audience interaction—and Rain Room is their largest and most ambitious to date. The work invites visitors to explore the roles that science, technology, and human ingenuity can play in stabilizing our environment. Using digital technology, Rain Room creates a carefully choreographed downpour, simultaneously encouraging people to become performers on an unexpected stage and creating an intimate atmosphere of contemplation.
you walk into a dark room with rain falling from the ceiling. but there are motion detectors on the ceiling that detect your presence so you so you won't get wet. if you'd like to read more descriptions about the room, google "rain room"! they are better writers than i.

i heard about this opening in london and i was psyched when it came to the moma! for my new yorkers, it closes at july 28th. the only downside to this awesome exhibit is that there is a very long wait. word of mouth said the wait was from 2-3 hours, which is very doable for me. but when i went with ashley, grant, claudia, and her friend leigh we waited for 4.5 hours. aiiii. they let around 10 people in at a time for 10-15 minutes. i would recommend you go on a weekday around 12, because from 9:30-10:30am members have priority in the line and their wait is around 2 hours. so either get membership if you are going or go on a weekday.

the rain room is an exhibit and also a stage, you're there to experience the rain and take photos and i honestly loved it. it just reminded me of giggling and running in the rain as a child. of course if you swing your arms really fast you will get wet but it's quite amazing. i wish i was the only one there though taking photos of dancers, but you do what you can!

photo wise: these photos were touched up in lightroom slightly. most of them are unedited. the biggest question while taking photos was: do i use a high shutter speed and iso to capture the individual rain droplets or should i use a longer shutter speed to get the rain in motion? bokeh/no bokeh? so i just did it all ok.

 photo IMG_5888_zps63a929cd.jpg

 photo IMG_5821_zps529fa6ca.jpg photo IMG_5854_zpsd0d0ba94.jpg  photo IMG_5857_zpsbab78253.jpg photo IMG_5860_zps30bc0dd2.jpg  photo IMG_5865_zps7953a841.jpg
i was watching this girl take photos of her dancer friend.
 photo IMG_5890_zps47a9968c.jpg photo aIMG_5909copy_zps59fcc3de.jpg photo IMG_5931_zps9704eff3.jpg photo IMG_5933_zps48bf7080.jpg photo IMG_5935_zpscc1909ad.jpg photo IMG_5936_zpsdc59d809.jpg  photo IMG_5941_zps366d6fbb.jpg photo IMG_5948_zps1d053ecd.jpg photo IMG_5951_zps9824c0c3.jpg photo IMG_5954_zps30f387e5.jpg photo IMG_5960_zpsa96863cd.jpg photo IMG_5965_zpsfb05c408.jpg photo IMG_5966_zpsa656f612.jpg photo IMG_5967_zpsa768d542.jpg photo IMG_5988_zpsb3234e7e.jpg photo IMG_6032_zps04db83d8.jpg photo IMG_6035_zps733e8ae6.jpg photo IMG_6048_zps93d06c1a.jpg
commence ridiculous cuteness. i'm basically their couple photographer at this point honestly~
 photo IMG_6049_zpsc89f7efd.jpg photo IMG_6053_zpsd9b8d38f.jpg photo IMG_6057_zpsda17d584.jpg photo IMG_6068_zpsdd72a447.jpg photo IMG_6070_zps74453078.jpg photo IMG_6074_zps1f59d8e8.jpg
i love how you can see the field of rain in this one
 photo IMG_6073_zps7acc74ac.jpg 
i would have died if i could take photos of dancers here. (and my camera didn't get wet ;) rain photography without the worry? yes plz). but props to my girl ashley for her jumping, you done good. we were about to get kicked out because our time limit was out but i managed to get a few more shots in the last couple of seconds.
> photo IMG_6075_zps5e3f1912.jpg  photo IMG_6076_zpsc18f958b.jpg