June 27, 2013

iphone diaries: may // june

well helllloooooo blogger! as you see, i've spiced up my blog with a new theme anddd a new url. check it out, i linked it to my domain as a subdomain so i no longer have my strange "seabug" name.

i've been home for about a month now and it's weird. i've adjusted to home life and i'm less city-sick than i was a few weeks ago. i've been back to the city twice since coming home and i seriously miss it so much, but i am learning to enjoy home. i tend to get slightly depressed (maybe that's not the right word, more like blobbish) when i am bored, so i just have to keep myself busy.

lately i've been:

  • working. actually that's all i do. i'm a waitress at a family-style italian restaurant and this is my second summer there and i basically work. like all the time. i have one or two days off and random hours off since i sometimes work lunch shifts and/or dinner shifts. i really like it and the people i work with but good god it's all i do.
  • IPHONE 5. i bought myself an iphone 5. muahaha. for me it's a double investment 1) a real person phone 2) i have a camera with me at all times!
  • i haven't been snapping a lot of photos with my digital camera lately, i've been using film or just shooting on my phone.
  • going on hikes with tyler in my attempt to get active.
  • cooking and eating copious amounts of basil
  • relaxing in the backyard when it's that perfect 73 degree weather with kira.
  • watching arrested development
  • working on my website!
  • i saw monster's university last night SO PRECIOUS
so i just have to keep myself active and busy and have a nice relaxing summer. i am planning a short trip upstate to visit victoria, tess, and morgan - so that'll be my "vacation" this summer.

anyway, long blogging short - here are some snaps i took on my phone these past two months.

waiting for the rain room! (photos up soon)
a lil' preview before i mass upload photos.
i'll learn how to make these iphone diary posts more concise eventually. now time for bed because, hello: work in the morning!